Take 360° Photos and Videos with EyeSee360 GoPano Micro for iPhone

Ever wanted to take 360° shots with your iPhone without having to use pain-in-the-rear panoramic apps and spinning yourself around in a circle taking many shots? Well now you can with the EyeSee360 GoPano Micro for iPhone 4/4S. The GoPano works by attaching to a specially designed case for your iPhone a bit like a snorkel. It uses a series of mirrors to reflect the 360 degree image back to the iPhone’s lens.

The included GoPano app lets you recreate the complete scrollable circular view in your phone and online (rather than a flat image like most panoramas). ThinkGeek they have some sample videos they took which you can scroll around with arrow keys to see the complete ring of view.

Now obviously there will be some degradation in video/image quality compared to a normal video because it’s using the same camera and lens size to take an image 6x as wide as a normal shot BUT the coolness factor more than makes up for it. If you are a real estate broker looking for a technological edge on the competition for your listings- this might just be it. Want to take cool crowd shots at a concert or sporting event? Video of the road and the driver in a car at the same time? Reaction shots? Like baking soda, it has 1001 uses.

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