OWLE Adds a Boom Mic and Wide Angle Lens to your iPhone

owle in use
The OWLE is a $129 audio video accessory for your iPhone. The OWLE consists of a silicone inner case for your phone and an anodized aluminum outer housing. Your iPhone slips right in and the case provides both a boom mic and a wide angle lens for better photos and videos. Since the integrated mic on the iPhone is aimed at the floor and the lens is kinda weak- this is a definite improvement. Here’s the back side:
owle back side
But wait, that’s not all. Each of the four corners of the OWLE contains a screw mount so you can mount it to any tripod. The lens is attached with 37mm lens threading which means you can also use any other lens that fits the 37mm thread. To top it off, literally, there’s a shoe mount for any lighting or other accessories you want to add (but note: a flash won’t work because it can’t be timed to the iPhones shutter). A very useful iPhone add-on!

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