Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek for Kids

We’ve been on a Doctor Who kick lately and as long as they keep pumping out ridiculously awesome products like the Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek, we will keep it going. Rated for kids up to 65 pounds, this electrically powered machine can turn 360 degrees and reach blazing speeds of up to 2mph. Just as importantly, it has flashing lights and speaks 10 different Dalek phrases when buttons on the steering wheel are pressed.

The motorized base is hard plastic while the inflatable 4 foot tall top portion is made of thick ballistic nylon and laminated rubberized polyvinyl. Exterminate! At $299 this is top of the list for any geek kid’s Christmas list this year (even if they don’t watch the Doctor, what kid wouldn’t want a robot they can drive around?) Unfortunately they do not make adult sizes.