Right Angle iPhone/iPad Lens

Take low level and unique shots with your iPhone with the HiLO Lens. This accessory attachment uses a prism to deflect the image around a corner and let you take the shot. There’s an app too (of course) which corrects for the mirroring effect of the prism. The HiLO lets you use the phone itself as a sort of tripod- just lay the phone down.

Great for taking shots upward (buildings, sky, hot air balloons, kites… things that are above you) or downward (the ground, feet, small kids, pets… things that below you). Woah I think I just channeled my inner Password Game Show there. With this devices there’s no need to crane your neck or manipulate the phone in odd ways to get the shot. The HiLO attaches to your phone with a sticky backing (removable). This project is fully funded, so you can pre-order (for $60) and it will ship out to you starting in February 2013.