Tokyoflash’s TRON Inspired Kisai Seven Watch

Tokyoflash just released their newest watch, the Kisai Seven, a timepiece clearly inspired by TRON. The watch has 2 concentric LED circles; a gap in each circle indicates the time as a clock’s hand would, so you know exactly when to hop on your lightcycle to make it to your job at ENCOM before Jeff Bridges gets there (I know that probably makes little sense even if you have seen TRON but come on- I have to work the TRON reference in here somehow).

The watch has several lighting modes with a “subtle pulsing effect as the light gets brighter and then fades out”: continuous, every 5 minutes, every 30 seconds, or only when you press the button; so you can be flashy and futuristic if you want, or cool and hip. This watch was actually designed by a fan of Tokyflash named Scott Galloway who saw his design go from rendering to reality.

The watch recharges via a USB wire (included) and goes for about a month on a 3 hour charge, depending on how often you keep the LED’s on for. Put the Seven watch on one arm and the Matrix watch on your other wrist and you’ll be the hit of the party.

Priced at $139, you can save $40 off for the first 72 hours of it’s release- so it’s just $99 now through midnight Thursday 10/27.