Glowing Tron Themed NES Mod

Tron is back! Some might argue that it never really did go away. We call those people nerds. Back or still here, Tron is hot. Especially when someone takes an NES console box and spruces it up with a sweetass Tron paint job. But not just any old custom paint job, oh no. Because in order to achieve maximum Tronification, it needs to glow. So this modder used airbrush paint with blacklight sensitive glowing powder mixed in. The results are like an ugly hooker; nice in the light but freakin’ awesome in the dark:

The best part for you Tron nerds, is that you can actually buy this box for $250 from Thretris. Check that- could have bought it- it’s all sold out. Looks like the nerds are quick.

via kotaku