33 Clubs in One Adjustable Golf Club

It’s every golf club in one! This 33 in One Golf Club has an adjustable clubhead that allows you to tilt it in 1/2 loft increments. With the twist of a dial you go from carrying one club to carrying five putters, two drivers, three fairway woods, 14 irons, or nine wedges. Additionally the club retracts into the shaft into a 19″ long portable piece of equipment.

Retracted the club will fit in your suitcase- no need to pay extra fees or have the hassle of flying with a golf bag full of clubs. The clubhead is made of 17-4 stainless steel and it has the same feel as a traditional club. Now you’re not going to be storming the PGA with this golf club BUT if you’re looking for a portable travel club to take with you on a plane, store in a small apartment, or leave in your car for occasional casual use- you’re not going to to do any better than this. $199 at Hammacher, comes in lefty or righty versions. (Use code “HSMAYFS” for free shipping during May ’11.)

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