Ad Playing LCD Screens on Golf Bags

golf bag lcd ads
Back in the old days (pre-Fall of ’09) the golf course was a place to get away from it all. Just you and the manicured natural world and some beers. Maybe you’d watch the ol’ duffers at a tourney and there’d be some egregious advertising like a patch on a golfer’s chest or a logo on a golfbag ruining the entire sport’s natural allure. Golf it seemed was the polar opposite of the Times Squarian melange of ubiquitous uproarious advertising found at say a Nascar event. Well my friends of the links, those heady days of yonder are all but long gone in a flash of a monetization marketing mashup.

Pro Bag Ads has now brought advertising to the golf bag. No not just some little logo imprinted on the bag- full on commercials right on the golf course. They’ve embedded 10.4 inch LCD televisions right into the side of the golf bag to play them. Don’t fret people who are aware that pro golfers don’t use golf carts like us weekend warriors, these professional golfers all have hired manservants caddies to carry their advertising club holders. Heck, the really popular golfers don’t even have to play golf anymore- they can just show up and walk the course like a human billboard.

So far the only taker for this sure-to-be-popular-with-the-fans piece of equipment is 2009 Senior PGA Champion Michael Allen. I guess when you’re old and playing on the senior tour, you could use the extra cash. He’ll be promoting some wine company and his charities. Maybe instead he could hook up a Wii and work on his swing inbetween holes.

gizmowatch via dvice