Golf Club with Built in Weed Whacker

The Big Daddy Driver is the golf club with the built in weed whacker. It’s frustrating and hurtful to your golf game to get your ball out in the deep grass where you might have to take several swings just to get it back onto the fairway. Why let players who can actually hit their balls in a straight line get an advantage over you the slicing and hooking into the rough weekend warrior occasional golfer? Why should they have better scores simply because they’re better golfers?

You need every advantage you can get, duffer. So now when your ball gets stuck in the tall grass, just take out your Big Daddy Driver*, flip open the club’s head to reveal the battery powered weed whacker, trim the grass around your ball, and take a clear shot. Here’s a quick video showing how it works:

via Dvice

*Big Daddy is not approved for use on the PGA tour. So don’t even think about it, Tiger.

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