Hell’s Angels Put a Club-like Blocker on a Bench

As if the fact that this bench is sitting right in front of the Hell’s Angel’s New York City Headquarters (knock on the door, I’m sure they’d be glad to have you over for some tea) wasn’t enough and the sign (below) on the bench that says “Private Property. Do NOT sit on bench. NOT for hotel guests.” wasn’t doing the trick to keep those pesky tourists off their East Village bench, the friendly biker crew put up a monster-truck sized Club-like bench blocking device.

Now nobody can sit without the key. Apparently it’s a whole new world out here when even the Hell’s Angels can’t command respect from tourists. When will these hooligans leave the Hell’s Angels alone on their bench to quietly reflect in thought or perhaps read a book? If this doesn’t work the word on the street is that they will be testing out a Viper-like talking bench defense system.
(via EV Grieve).