HumanCar is the Sports Car Meets the Flintstones

That sleek sports car above is missing one vital component and it’s not the roof- it has no gas engine. The HumanCar is a sort of hybrid of a car and a rowing machine. The car is almost entirely human powered save for a tiny 4 horsepower electric engine for starting up (although it can be outfitted with a battery option for longer trips). Developed by engineer Charles Greenwood, one to four people can power the car at the same time by using a hand cranking back and forth motion.

The car can hit up to 30mph on flat ground and up to double that downhill. There’s no steering wheel, the front passengers lean to steer it much like a bicycle. Disc brakes are used to stop it. The car is designed to be an eco-friendly neighborhood car (presumably for people who live where the weather is nice or summer usage only) and is available for pre-order and will cost about $15,000. Hopefully they can get the price down to make this a success. Here’s a video showing the car in action:

I can see the HumanCar being offered at touristy type place where you would typically rent a bicycle or even a Segway. It would allow the whole family to travel together at the same pace and the kids or grandparents could just sit in the back and not push if they get tired.

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