Car Interior Pre-Heater

Warm up the inside of your car and defrost the windshield without starting the engine! This is incredible- imagine stepping into a warm car with a clear windshield this Winter. The Car Interior Preheater from Hammacher is a battery powered programmable heater that sits on your car’s dashboard. Unlike a remote engine starter, this car gadget doesn’t require professional installation and can be used in an enclosed garage.

Two tiltable heat vents work to heat your windshield and/or car interior up to 20 minutes before you get in the car. The heater is powered by an internal battery that doesn’t drain your car’s battery- it can be recharged in four hours via AC outlet or your car’s 12v outlet. A remote works from up to 200 feet away. Measures 19″ by 4″ and weighs only 6 pounds. Just $119.