Scosche RDTX pro iPhone Radiation Detector Accessory

With all the extreme disastrous natural events we’re having- earthquakes, hurricanes, dropped calls on AT&T, tsunamis, etc., and the proliferation of nuclear facilities around the globe, the average citizen might be concerned with radiation levels. Scosche has your back with the RDTX pro iPhone accessory, which will be available soon. The RDTX pro attaches to your iPhone or iPod Touch and turns it into a radiation detector. It uses the iPod’s screen as a display (via a free App).

The device doesn’t require calibration and has a solid-state design to ensure consistently accurate gamma radiation detection. You can also use it as a radiation alarm without being connected to the iPhone and for that purpose it has a 96 hour battery life (otherwise it uses the iPhone as a power source). Results can be shared and mapped on Facebook, Twitter, or Google maps. The device will retail for $329 with $10 going towards a Japanese Earthquake relief fund.