A Bus That Goes Right Over Traffic

Check out this insane Chinese bus that actually goes right over traffic. Cars go underneath it like a tunnel. It’s almost as if it’s a train riding on it’s own raised tracks. It can hold over 1000 passengers and travel up to 60km/h right over traffic. There’s some sort of alarm warning sign if a truck that’s too tall attempts to drive underneath it. The bus is articulated to allow it to easily turn around corners.

It is tall enough to go over cars yet short enough to still fit under existing overpasses. Because it only requires minimal surface tracks around the outside of the road, it can be built and deployed in 1/3 the time of a true subway. And deployed it will be; in Beijing’s Mentougou district where the first 186km of track will be built later this year.

more details at ChinaHush (via Engadget)

3 thoughts on “A Bus That Goes Right Over Traffic

  1. Better not be changing lanes when that thing flies over.

    That bus has *not* got its left track against any sort of divider in the middle of the road – not even a double yellow line. The road at its left track has been painted with a broken-white line to signify “lane change permitted.” And how much faster than auto traffic will it be traveling? Yikes!

    Next James Bond film will feature crowding someone into the path of the oncoming bus…

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