Solar Powered Analog Watch Sets Itself

Just a few years ago miniaturized solar panels were barely powerful enough to power up a calculator or a digital watch. Today they are compact and advanced enough to run a complex timepiece like the Always Accurate Solar Watch. This analog watch updates itself every four hours using the atomic clock transmitters worldwide. When you travel between timezones and even when daylight savings time switches, it will set the time automatically for you.

You’ll never need to change the batteries since there’s a small solar panel that provides power to the rechargeable batteries in the watch. One full charge is good for five months of use, so as long as you’re exposed to a normal amount of light at least once ever five months, you’re all set (obviously this is not intended for hibernating bears or mole people).

The watch has a chronograph, world time, 24 hour time, high/low tide indicator and 29 time zones on it’s bezel. It’s water resistant to 328 feet (approx. 10 meters) and in encased in a titanium case with a black titanium band. The sapphire crystal face is scratch resistant and glare-free. The watch basically does everything for you in a worry free package. $899 from Hammacher.

3 thoughts on “Solar Powered Analog Watch Sets Itself

  1. This is an Oceanus, which is made by Casio and includes G-shock tech with classier presentation. I’d skip Hammacher and head over to Amazon, where the same thing is $100 cheaper and their are a lot more models to choose from.

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