Eris Planetary Sphere “Watch”

I’m not entirely sure why they’re calling this thing a watch but it’s definitely a headturning timepiece. The Eris Planetary Sphere Watch is a three dimension ball of time telling weirdness. Meant to evoke newly discovered dwarf planet Eris in the Solar System (am I totally out of the space loop here? when did this happen? Goodbye Pluto, hello Eris?) which is the ninth-largest body known to orbit the Sun directly, the “watch” can be worn as a pocket watch, pendant, or used as a tiny desk clock.

Eris (the watch) is made with an anthracite anodized aluminum case, laser engraved figures, mineral glass, and Swiss quartz movement. The time is shown with two pointer encircling the equator of the globe. Which means you might just have to flip this thing around to the other side to see the time when it hits the dark side of the moon-err planet. This watch thingy costs a mere $450, so start saving now.

watchismo via technabob