SolarStrap for Easy on the Go Solar Charging

Solar power is definitely the future for electronics. It’s cheap, green, renewable, and virtually omnipresent (during the day, anyway). The problem with portable solar power chargers is that they are big and bulky and hard to actually take with you. A company called Suntrica has a new product called the SolarStrap that solves some of these problems.

The SolarStrap is a flexible lightweight solar charger that is wearable. It is shaped like a badge so it can be strapped on to your bag or clothing very easily and removed just as easily. One half has the solar panel which can take in up to 50mAh in full sunlight while the other side has a storage battery with a 950mAh capacity, enough to charge up most cell phones and MP3 players.

The battery allows you to provide a charge to your device when you need, not just during daylight hours, giving this solar charger an advantage of a typical daytime only charger. The flexible design means you can easily adjust it to aim it right at the sun for best charging. It sells for about $40.

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