Gadget Sweepstakes: Darth Vader Breathing Keychain

Congrats to the winner, #90:

Sweepstakes time! Weekly Wednesday giveway. Congrats to Shel, winner of last week’s MP3 speaker amp prize. If you’re a recent winner and haven’t received your prize yet, check your mailbox soon; like an all banana diet we got a little backlogged when we moved with our post office runs.

This week’s prize is from a little known film called STAR WARS. It’s a Darth Vader Breathing Keychain:

Straight from Japan (or more accurately from Japan to the gadget store to me to you) comes this sound effects making keychain. Press the button and Lord Vader will make 3 of his trademark breathing sounds in a row. Plus he’ll hold your keys. That heavy breathing is definitely enough to scare off any potential key thieves from taking your keys. Batteries included. Intimidate your coworkers, scare your family, force your kids to eat broccoli; there’s 1001 uses for some Vader sounds.

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The rules:

  1. This sweepstakes will run now through Tuesday May 25, 2010 10pm Eastern time.
  2. One entry per person (yes we can tell if you enter more than once).
  3. We will choose one winner at random from one of the comments below.
  4. This contest is open to residents of the US only.
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  9. May the Force be with you (yes this is an official rule).
  10. Good luck!

107 thoughts on “Gadget Sweepstakes: Darth Vader Breathing Keychain

  1. Wow! If I win this, I think I’ll give it to my friend, Rob- he’s a real Star Wars freak! …maybe. It
    IS purty kewl!

  2. AWWW! A little mini me of Vader. “Luke, I am your mother.Come to mama, papa.”

  3. My son would love this, he is a big Star Wars fan allready at only 6! He just had a birthday and the cake featured Darth and the death star.

  4. My husband would love this! I got him a water globe of Darth Vader and he loved it. Please I’d love to give this to him! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  5. I subscribed to the Daily email.

    Now, this is what everyone needs, and by everyone, I mean me sooo…

  6. Subscriber. Looks very cool! Something most people don’t have in their pockets!

  7. Awesome. I can totally imagine searching for my keys and hitting the button and freaking out people around me!

  8. At last the circle is complete. When I left you I was but a reader, now I am the subscriber.

  9. Rockin key chain. Thanks for the chance


  10. Oh man, may son would love this! First of all, he loves Darth and second our dog makes noises just like this-and he loves the dog! LOL He would laugh so hard and it would be a hit with all his friends! Maybe even a girl magnet!

  11. He might be Luke’s father, but I would love to be the mother who owns this gadget! May the force be with me!

  12. I subscribed to the feed, this is a cool little gadget. My son would love it!

    Good luck everyone!! xx

  13. Subscribe to your RSS feed via Google Reader.

    My boss (a 50 something distinguished professional woman) is a HUGE Star War’s fan and this would be a perfect gift for her.

  14. My son, chip off the ol’ mom, is big Star Wars fan. He would love this!

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Subscribed via email as tsue1136

    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  15. I am a subscriber via email and being a Star Wars fan
    I say the force is with you.Please enter me I would
    love to win this,so cute:)

  16. I subscribed to the RSS Feed. I hope the force is with me to win this keychain.

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