Bed Ladder Is Probably Not What You Think

When you heard of a product called the Bed Ladder you’re probably thinking it’s some sort of ladder to help you get onto a tall bed (like pet stairs for humans!) or a ladder to get you up to a loft bed or bunk bed. You’d be totally wrong because the bed ladder goes HORIZONTALLY across your bed. It’s designed for the elderly, people with disabilities, and professional arm wrestlers and other people with strong arms but weak rest of bodies. Use the bed ladder to pull yourself up without any help. Of course you’ll have to sleep with a ladder on top of you and remain pretty still so you don’t knock it off to the floor but it could be helpful in certain circumstances.

Update- the newer version isn’t made of wood and looks way more practical:

6 thoughts on “Bed Ladder Is Probably Not What You Think

  1. Okay…that seems lame…except, I probably could’ve used one late in pregnancy!

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