Blinged Dalmatian USB Flash Drive

blinged dalmation drive
Dalmatians are the eighth best type of dog ever (I’ll save my full list for another post but spoiler alert: Belgian Shepherds are the best). Everybody loves their cute spots and the way they just hang off the back of firetrucks, clinging to the ladder as the big red truck turns the corner just a little too fast and the ladder goes flying around. How could you not? This dalmation doesn’t ave lives like a firehouse dog, he saves data.
bling dog drive
Not only does he keep your data secure, he keeps it blinged. Because this blinged out dog is covered in fake jewels. I’m pretty sure they’re fake, otherwise for $27 for a 4GB drive plus real gemstones, this would be only the greatest deal ever. That would be $2,727 if you wanted 101 dalmatians. If you’re a big dalmatian fan you can pick one of these drives up at USB Geek.

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