I Bet Your Desk Isn’t as Fun as the TOP.TABLE

Why should work be so boring and dull, sitting there at a flat boring rectangular desk? Desks should be exciting and fun. Why not have a really tall thinking chair and a slide on your desk? That’s just what TOP.TABLE (another annoying all caps perioded name? argh) does. Just like urban planners take advantage of limited space in cities by building upwards, corporate drones should be able to build up on their limited cubicle space as they see fit. We demand a TOP.TABLE in every cubicle! Now!

Or as the designers of this fun piece of furniture, Osko + Deichmann say:

The creative worker has to be able to switch between his emotional and his rational side. Our TOP.TABLE is a means to initialize this switch. To create visions of the future you have to look further you have to change your perspective, see the whole picture. Leaving the ground also means becoming dreamy and childlike which is a quality necessary to have visions.

Well ok then. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Get yourself one of these and a staircase slide to get down to the conference room and you’d have the coolest office ever.

2 thoughts on “I Bet Your Desk Isn’t as Fun as the TOP.TABLE

  1. what a useless and bulky piece of crap. I hope this is conceptual only. It’s a crappy desk and an even crappier slide! Who approves the construction and distibution of such an obvious loser?

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