Self Destructing Pixel Coffee Table

The name of this interesting coffee table is “This Table Will Self Destruct” and it’s designed by Studio 1a.m. out of Chicago. The table is made of a formed concrete blend and is based on a pixel grid. Each time a new table is produced, one more pixel is removed from the design.

In this way each 18.5″ square table has less pixels and a more intricate shape than the previous one. Each table is therefore unique. So far they have removed 29 pixels- the designers don’t say how many are in the complete design but they will stop producing this limited series of tables when they’ve removed so many pixels that the shape is no longer practical. The 48 lb table costs $980.

4 thoughts on “Self Destructing Pixel Coffee Table

  1. No thanks. If I want a unique table, I’ll take a chainsaw to a block of wood. If I want a useful table, I’ll take one without holes.

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