Gear Shift Radio Clicks but Doesn’t Clack

Believe it or not that gear shifter above is actually an FM radio. You “shift” the gear to control all the radio functions. Unfortunately there’s no dashboard on this one to tell you what gear (station) you’re on so you’ll have to use your ears. As someone who can’t drive a manual transmission car (and some people who’ve driven with me would probably argue that I can’t really drive an automatic transmission car either- self zing!), I would be confused as heck trying to drive this radio into some good music.

Luckily the product description says “no driver license require”. Phew. Also confusing- why it costs $46, that really grinds my gears (pun intended if you think it’s funny, otherwise no pun intended). For that kind of money I’d expect a screen or at a minimum some AM stations. Sure it might be fun to shift into FM radio stations but not $46 worth of fun.

gear shift radio via chip chick