iLLoom Illuminated Balloons

Regular old balloons are so last century; now there’s illuminated balloons. ILLoom Balloons are just like normal balloons except they have a pull tab at the bottom that activates an internal LED light to light up the balloon. The balloons will stay lit for up to 15 hours, come in 5 different colors and you can blow them up with either air or helium. They cost around $6 for a 5 pack and are available in the UK only right now.

I could totally see these at a party, rave (do they still do raves? am I dating myself here?), or nightclub or dropping from the ceiling at midnight on New Year’s Eve into a sea of smoke machine laser lighting disco beat pounding dancing fools. Or just a boring old kid’s birthday party, maybe in Alaska when it’s dark 24 hours a day. Eskimo kids need balloons for their parties too. Whatever. I’d be curious if these are any brighter or cooler looking than simply sticking a glowstick into a balloon.

3 thoughts on “iLLoom Illuminated Balloons

  1. Found these to be very dangerous when they pop.
    Turns the led and/or battery pack into a missle that can put an eye out or break a window. One broke the glass in my bookshelf case.

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