Eclipse Touchmouse

The Eclipse Touchmouse is one of the more unique looking and functioning mouses we’ve come across. Besides it’s stylish brushed aluminum L-shaped form factor, it also has some interesting tricks. What looks like a button in the middle is actually a “unique touchscroll module” that is used to help you navigate the web. Just press and hold the touchscroll module, then move the mouse in one of the four directions to activate the shortcuts.

Without actually trying this mouse out, it’s hard for me to say if the touchscroll module would really speed up your web browsing, although it does seem like it would. This bluetooth mouse runs $59 from Eclipse directly.

via techfresh

3 thoughts on “Eclipse Touchmouse

  1. Opera (web browser) has had mouse gestures for FOREVER! The mouse’s design is pretty awesome, but the touch roller is a very small step up from Opera mouse gestures which you can do with ANY mouse. But i do suppose that this mouse works with ANY browser.
    The mouse gestures DO speed up your we browsing significantly. I don’t think this mouse would help as much as opera does, because opera also has ‘open tab’ ‘close tab’ ‘navigate tab left or right’ etc. You get what i mean, A LOT more commands, and it’s FREE. I like the mouse, but i wish i could get it without the needless touch scroll. I’m a die-hard opera user. 60 bucks is a little pricey for a wireless mouse. I’d have to pass on this one. I still love the simple design though.

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