Be the Next Obi-Wan Ken-Jennings-nobi with the Obsessed with Star Wars Electronic Trivia Book

There is nothing more useful in the world of geekery than Star Wars trivia and nunchuck skills. The Obsessed with Star Wars Electronic Trivia Book won’t help you become a ninja but it will stump you like Stormtrooper with his helmet on backwards (I don’t know what that means exactly either…and I just wrote it!) with 2,500 questions. The book has 150 color photographs and best of all- an electronic scoring module (which allows you to select questions by number or at random).

The book knows all, so if it’s asking you about Luke, Leia, and Han Solo, don’t go trying to pull a Cliff Clavin with “Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?” because the scoring module is like a mini-Yoda. This would make a great gift for any obsessed Star Wars fan.

Available at Amazon: Obsessed with Star Wars