iPod Touch Bed Sheets

Let’s put away the Star Wars sheets and step up your nerd game to the 21st century with some iPod Touch bedding sets (the lack of the “phone” icon at the bottom shows it’s not an iPhone but you nerds already knew that). If you’re like me and you’ve already been using the “hey baby, want to come back to my place and check out my apps…. in bed” pickup line, now you can really get that working for ya. There’s nothing the ladies like better than a man who is so obsessed with his iPod that he’s covered his bed to look like one. Just make sure to put the pillow over the calendar app, you don’t want anyone thinking you got this cheap from the factory because they spelled it wrong.

best week ever

3 thoughts on “iPod Touch Bed Sheets

  1. Please can you tell me how to go about actually ordering the ipod bed sheets? There dosn’t seem to be a link on any of the websites I have looked on??

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