Ba-Rock Out with Barack Obama iPod Skins

Now that Barack Obama has won the Presidential nomination, it’s time to Ba-Rock out. These snazzy $17 vinyl skins from will protect your MP3 player from scratches while showing your support for the next President. They sort have an Andy Warhol type look to them. Available for the iPod Classic, iPod Video, Nan, Touch, Zune as well as various cell phone models and laptops (for slightly more $).

Buy Barack Obama iPod Skin at KarmaLoopicon

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1 comment to Ba-Rock Out with Barack Obama iPod Skins

  • I guess that’s a perk of being the President-Elect. I work with Motorola and one great thing about it is getting to know all of the great phones they put out. The Krave is one of them and it’s design is really new age…


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