Top Gear The Stig USB Flash Drive

stig usb drive
It’s a Memory Stig! Top Gear is a wildly popular show over on the BBC in the United Kingdom. For some reason the show hasn’t quite made the “leap across the pond” as they say like The Office or Monty Python. Instead it’s languishing in Mr. Bean and Ab Fab territory. And by wildly popular I mean that a few of my fellow gadget bloggers are crazy about the show. Maybe it’s popular, maybe it’s a cult hit. I have no idea. And that’s the extent of my knowledge of British television (sorry we just got BBC a few months ago- you do have the superior version of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares though).

Top Gear fans are of course familiar with The Stig. The Stig is a faceless mysteriously helmeted driver who sets the pace with the show’s vehicles. Yeah I wiki’ed that. The Stig is apparently a fan favorite. Now you can take home The Stig in the form of an 8GB USB flash drive for about $25. Except that The Stig is so popular that this memory Stig is sold out. So you can’t take The Stig home.

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