Cockroach USB Flash Drives: Bejeweled or Realistic

We’re going all out today because it’s Friday, it’s a double shot of your novelty USB flash drive of the day….. COCKROACHES!!!! Whether you’re looking for a semi-realistic rubber cockroach to store your data or a jeweled cockroach that doubles as a roach necklace, there’s a cockroach USB flash drive for you.
Is anybody out there really a fan of cockroaches? I thought las cucarachas were universally hated but apparently there is enough fascination in the animal to make two wildly different styles of flash drives. Well there you go.

9 thoughts on “Cockroach USB Flash Drives: Bejeweled or Realistic

  1. I LOVE COCKROACHES! They are my buddies in life. ^^ I breed and train them. Where can I get one of this awesomeness flash drives?

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