Energy Efficient Lamp is Powered by a Telephone Jack Only

telephone jack powered lamp
Lights are becoming so efficient that now you can buy a lamp that is powered solely by the minute trickle of electricity from your telephone socket (RJ11 jacks). I can’t vouch for the legality of using the jack for something other than a landline telephone but we’re talking about free electricity here people. Free electricity.

This gooseneck lamp has 8 white LED lights in it’s top. There’s no other way to plug it in other than your telephone jack, which you’re likely not using anyway. Even if you are a dedicated landline user, there’s usually jacks that you don’t use scattered about your house. No wattage is listed in the product description but I wouldn’t be expecting too much from this low powered lamp, especially at the $4.69 price point. Anyone out there know how many watts you can get from an RJ11 telephone jack?

RJ11 socket lamp

3 thoughts on “Energy Efficient Lamp is Powered by a Telephone Jack Only

  1. I know in Australia and USA this is illegal, and they have equipment in place to monitor power usage and charge people pulling power for more than phones. Also, when your phone rings, the amount of power dramatically increases, depending on how old the equipment in your area is it’s enough to kill someone.

    On top of this, if you draw too much it can effect DSL connections of everyone in your area, along with landline audio quality, if anyone uses them anymore (-:

    BAD BAD idea.

  2. First off the ‘drain’ you speak of would be minimal AT BEST, considering the fact that most would not replace their lighting with these lamps (duhh). As a device to give light during a power outage it is brilliant and on backorder for a measely $4.69+ shipping

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