Big Button Cell Phone

Designed for old people and those who have difficulty seeing this giant button cell phone is absolutely dominated by it’s large buttons. It reminds me of a calculator almost- the proportion of screen to button is completely reversed from the typical phone of today. Even Homer Simpson, in that episode where he gains all that weight to go on disability and then wears a moo-moo and his fingers are too fat to dial the phone so he has to mash all the buttons at once (King Size Homer episode from The Simpsons 7th Season), could use this phone. That’s BY FAR the best season of The Simpsons by the way since you asked.

This unbranded generic phone also has a few interesting features like the SOS button on the back. The button can call any preset number to get you the help you need, so you can set it to your favorite help source whether it’s the police, fire department, Geek Squad, your Mom, or Oprah. If Homer had that button he could have saved Springfield from nuclear disaster (spoiler alert: which he did anyway).

6 thoughts on “Big Button Cell Phone

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  4. Just5 and SnapFon Ez One are the same as the generic phones. The only differences are their silkscreened logos on the device, and the higher prices. All of the phones are manufactured in the same place – China!

  5. We get bad reception in the apartment I live in. Is there a solution to bad reception? I’d like to discount my house phone and us this cell phone.

  6. We get bad reception in the apartment I live in. Is there a solution to bad reception? I’d like to discount my house phone and only use the cell.

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