Autoloading Screwdriver Stores Bits in the Handle, Loads Them with Pump Action

autloading screwdriver in use
The KR Tools 12609 Autoloader 6-in-1 Auto Loading Screwdriver Set lets you easily change the screwdriver bits automatically with just a pump of the handle. The screwdriver stores 5 extra bits (so 6 total) inside the handle and you just pull it back to reveal the bits inside, give it a twist to select your bit, and a pump to quickly switch to a different bit size.
autloading screwdriver
If you’ve ever had to carry a whole bunch of different size screwdrivers from your toolkit only to find out you didn’t bring the one with the exact sized screw bit for the job, you know how convenient having different sized bits in a single tool is. Other multi-bit screwdrivers simply store extra bits in the handle but that can make it more difficult to switch bits and makes them much easier to drop or lose. The autoloader stores the bits in a sealed compartment that you don’t need to open to switch.

The autoloading screwdriver comes with both Phillips head and flat head bits for whatever job you’re doing. There are two models, one with smaller and one with larger sized bits. Additionally all the bit tips are magnetic so your screws stick to them for easier handling.

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