Stationary Troops Defend Your Desk, Hold Your Pens and Tape

stationary troops pen
Sometimes you need to defend your desk from threats in the inter-cubicle warfare. You’ve got to put up an imposing front and this pair of artillery desktop accessories definitely does that- in a cute way. The anti-aircraft missiles pen holder can hold 6 pens and rotate 360 degrees.
stationary troops tape
The machine gun tape dispenser holds a roll of tape in a tough yet cute manner. These would actually be ideal for members of or fans of the military who are now stuck at a desk job. They run $18 and $16 respectively at Brando.

pen holder & tape dispenser

My apologies if any of my fellow New Yorkers find this offensive considering today’s date.

3 thoughts on “Stationary Troops Defend Your Desk, Hold Your Pens and Tape

  1. Yeah……cuz members of the military like little communist avatars that look like Jane Fonda pretending to shoot down American servicemen as desk ornaments.

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