The Most Overdesigned Pen Holder Ever Created

A pen holder is probably the least complicated office supply on your desk. All it takes to hold your pens and pencils is a cup or box or some other sufficiently deep vessel. That’s it. It doesn’t need to be any more complex than that to be fully functional. Don’t tell that to the engineering designers at Taiwan’s Urban Prefer- they’ve taken the pen holder to the next (seemingly unnecessary) level.

The Dependence Pen Holder is a plastic bin described as having a minimalist shape (I’d describe it as “just a box”). The inside is where the real design comes in- it’s shaped a bit like a diamond so that your pens all slide in neatly and remain aligned with one another saving you precious time by not having reorganize your pen holder constantly (who does this?) So basically you’ve got waaaay too much thought put into a pen holder. Way too much. But at least it looks good.