Rotating Circular Indoor Garden

rotating garden
Growing plants indoors is always a bit tricky trying to get the right combination of light and water and finding well lit spaces to fit everything you want to grow. Many people instead opt for an artificially lit hydroponic growing setup where the light source is entirely controlled by you enabling you to grow plants even in the darkest of rooms.

These circular wheeled gardens are all in one units containing everything needed to grow your own herbs or veggies indoors. These units use just one bulb for a large number of plants, rotating the plants around the light. You can fit up to 80 plants with a 3″ root medium. The chain driven cylinder rotates a constant 24 hours a day, taking approximately 45 min. to complete one full rotation. This super efficient set up has a tray underneath to catch any errant water since the plants are grown hydroponically (without soil, only water).

This type of plant growing system is claimed to be significantly more efficient than a conventional flat or tiered garden; it should yield 3-5 times the comparable weight per watt average per harvest in only 1/3 of the space. It can accommodate various light sizes and wattages to fit your grow garden needs. Plus it looks really cool.

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