Plants vs. Zombies Lamp Uses a Moving Zombie for a Switch

You are probably familiar with the popular Plants vs. Zombies game and now you can take the game offline with a Plants vs. Zombies Lamp from Brando. Now sure, you could just have a boring lamp with zombie and plant figures on it, or you could get this cool lamp that reacts to your placement of the moveable figure. If the animated gif (and who doesn’t love a good animated gif btw?) above didn’t explain it, how about the video below:

Ok, how about words then? The zombie works like a magnetic light switch for the lamp. If you put the magnetic base zombie in front of the plants the plant lights turn on. Move it closer to the plants and the plant lights turn off. Take the zombie off the base and the whole thing shuts off. Yes I’m aware the video shows something kinda different but it’s a $15 lamp from Brando, so logic and sense isn’t always exactly in the cards here. Basically move the zombie around to turn the lamp on. Cool stuff.