Geeky Graffiti by Espo

Graffiti artist Espo (Steven Powers) is embarking on a project in Philadelphia called “Love Letter” in which he does sort of romantic themed murals on the rooftops facing the Market elevated train line. There will be 50 painted walls as well as other more interactive elements to be completed by next week. I found this geeky cell phone graffiti to encompass the true meaning of love- I got the rollover minutes baby, give me a call. I’m saving all my pre-paid minutes for you. No need to wait until nights and weekends or even mobile to mobile- my minutes are all yours. Ahhh true love in the age of cell phones.

More info on the project at Gradient

PS Espo if you’re reading this, you have (had? I think the building was taken down) one my favorite pieces in NYC- on the rooftop on the south side of 14th Street in the Meatpacking.

2 thoughts on “Geeky Graffiti by Espo

  1. That spot on 14th was absolutely classic. I really miss that building. It was a spotlight of New York City. BTW. Cool blog! Lets get in touch!

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