Wildstyle Graffiti Inspired Skateboards

Skateboarding is not a crime…but graffiti is. Which if 8th grade logic class and the transitive property taught me anything, makes these wildstyle graffiti inspired skateboards criminally legal. Designed by Loren Kulesus these boards definitely have a wow factor, however I fear that the holes in the board will give it less strength and too much flex to properly skate on them. If the materials are strong, the design is a winner though. Awesome skateboard- great for taking down to the local park and spending 8 hours trying to ollie unsuccessfully over and over again (isn’t that what skateboarders do?).

via yanko

25 thoughts on “Wildstyle Graffiti Inspired Skateboards

  1. I think that it could work and be great but it needs a few things on it. Frist, it SHOULD be made out of fiber glass,like all stakeboards are made of. Second, is that all the holes SHOULD be plugged up. So if Loren Kulesus does this, it could be the coolest skateboard on the streets.

  2. i love to skatebord and iv been doin that for years since i was 4. practice makes perfect!! ryte.. love the bord you designed. but it looks dificult with all the holes.. im sure there is a stronger material that will make it a winner.!!! if i ever saw that in the store i would totally buy it!! even if it cost me hundreds!!

  3. This is an idiotic design. First off, not all skateboards are made of Fiberglass Emily. Most companies make boards out of 6-8 ply (usually) of compressed wood. Some add a layer in the middle, or a couple layers. Havin’ holes in the board seems like a broken ankle waiting to happen. The trucks also have a weird metal thing loopin’ around it, how are you supposed to do K’s, 50-50’s, etc with that bar there? Work on the design.

  4. if i saw something like that in a store i woud buy it definitely even if its not for real skating it would be awesome just to hang it on my wall…

  5. men esta muy bueno tu skate pero dudo que lo puedas

    andar me gustaria verte andar

    te felicito por el skate nos vemos

    agregame en el mail

  6. imagine bringing that to a skate shop and saying “um yea can you grip this for me?” lol

  7. obviously this skateboard could only be for crusing or bombing some hills… there would be no possible way you could take this to “the streets”

  8. where do you get one? some of my hot guy friends(im a girl) commented about it saying that it was awesome and i think i’d make a killer impression if i got one!

  9. the board is tha shit man .. i would like totaly buy it if i saw it .. only just to have it in my room .. can some one tell me where to get one?

    here ;
    skating is not a crime ,, but smoking weed is ,, so how about i make a skateboard that looks like weed XD

  10. are you fu$&*ng me that is the stupidest thing ever i would hate to ride that and i have skated for 5 years and is so stupid whom would make that!!!!! like fU@%

  11. Aloha, Sick Board ! it is art , you wont be riding this anywhere except in the halls of coolness ……I want one , is this a one of a kind project? big compliments to the ARTIST

  12. dude! i want one of those i wouldnt ever ride it but that things sick if someone could make that and sell it to me thatd be sick!

  13. Best board ive ever seen bro, i want to ride that so badly lol, is it ride able? amazing art gud on ya loren 🙂

  14. that board looks so tight. although i dont see how you would do kickflips,your foot ld gwt caugt in the holes. still thats the shit man. are there any companys that actually make these?

  15. how many people dont understand what design is? the board isnt for riding, its for looks.

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