Kensington TwoFold Notebook Stand and Sleeve

kensington notebook sleeve stand
Kensington’s latest notebook computer sleeve does more than just protect your laptop when you’re in transit- it also works as a stand to prop up your computer. Dubbed the TwoFold, the sleeve has corners that fold up to lift your notebook up at an angle. A pair of straps at the bottom keep your computer from sliding right off your desk into your lap.

Unfortunately it looks to be just about the worst possible angle for typing from an ergonomic standpoint. However, for watching movies and videos on your laptop or surfing the web with just the trackpad or an external mouse with limited typing, this is a great idea. And I can certainly get behind the idea of adding a second function to a laptop sleeve without adding any extra bulk or size. So for certain users, the TwoFold might be a winning product. Available for pre-order now for $25-$45 (no onsale listed yet).

via coolest-gadgets

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