Another Awesome Star Wars Bed: Y-Wing Fighter

ywing fighter bed
Another day, another awesome homemade Star Wars bed. A long time ago (last week), in a galaxy far away (the internet) we thought we had found the world’s greatest Star Wars bed with the AT-AT Walker..but OH NO. It was not to be. The title has changed hands once again. For a far superior Star Wars bed has been found to take the crown once and for all (until next week probably): The Y-Wing Fighter bed.

This loft bed is actually for sale (sort of). It was found on the listing page of a house for sale in California. The listing makes no mention of the awesome bed but does include a number of pictures of it so I assume it’s included- it looks like it would be hard to move.. Don’t show this to your 8 year old kid or you will never hear the end of it. So if you happen to have a geeky kid and are looking for a home in Visalia, CA for around $364,900 (reduced!) then this is the house for you.

The detail level on this DIY bed is extremely high. You can even climb into the cockpit and sit at the controls. The underside is very well done. Overall- it’s super impressive. Want!! (…for my uhmm kid, yeah that’s it, for my kid). More pictures below:
ywing fighter bed2
ywing fighter bed3
ywing fighter bed4

via gizmodo