Kid Lid is a Kid Safe Laptop Keyboard Protector

kid lid
Kids love to use computers. But you know what else kids love? Juice, and crackers, and making a mess and sticky foods and spilling things all over your furniture and valuables. So one inventor created the Kid Lid, a cover for the keyboard part of your laptop. Now kids can safely watch things on your computer without gunking up the keyboard.
kid lid in use
The Kid Lid board comes in 13″ and 15″ sizes to fit most laptops. It’s a BPA-free plastic top with an elastic strap to attach to your laptop. Of course that’s great if kids are just watching videos on the computer (or using an external mouse, which is a good idea) but what if they wanted to use the trackpad?
kid lid fold up
Meet the Kid Lid Fold Up Board variation. In a manner similar to those iPad covers, this one has a center hinge that allows access to the trackpad while keeping the keys protected. While both of these products are aimed at toddlers, they can certainly be used by adults who need some extra work space (or spill protection) too. Kid Lid will retail for about $30 when it’s released this Fall.