Cap’n Crunch Guitar Can Lay Down Some Crunchy Grooves

capncrunch guitar
Check out this awesome custom bass guitar called, appropriately enough, “The Cap’n” from Holcomb Guitars (the same folks who brought you the Ouija Board Guitar. This 4 string bass has a poplar body, maple neck, 24 fret rosewood fretboard, gotoh tuners, double humbucker, acrylic finish and CAPTAIN F’N CRUNCH!!!! The popular breakfast cereal mascot is now keepin’ it steady beat rockin’ on the low end.

It’s common knowledge that the best way to battle the evil Soggies and keep it crunchy is with some crunchy bass lines. Don’t even try to “crunch” the numbers in your bank account and save up to buy this Cap’n Crunch bass, it’s one of kind and in the artist’s collection.