FH001 are Giant Clear Plastic Green Speakers

The new FH001 speakers are massive! These big boys are made of a transparent acrylic and have a super efficient design which lets them play loud and clear with as little as 3 to 50 watts. This means you don’t need a power sucking amplifier to get good sound and thus allows the manufacturer, Ferguson Hill, to call them “green”. I’m not sure if I buy that since they’re made of plastic- how about “greener”.

The clear design means that despite the huge size of these speakers, they won’t take over your whole room visually and will sort of disappear into the background. Then again, if you have room for such a large speaker and can afford the $26,000 price tag, then you probably have enough room in your home for just about anything. Personally I barely have room for a pair of earbuds, much less gigantic speakers.

via cnet

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