Star Wars Wicket the Ewok Bar of Soap

It’s tough to stay clean when you’re living out in the forests of Endor. Living up in the trees and coming down to the forest floor to hunt Wookiees and humans can get messy. Once in a while you need to take an Ewok shower and as Mel Brooks said in Spaceballs, it’s all about the merchandising. As such we have Ewok soap. Not just any Ewok mind you- it’s Star War’s most popular and enduring Ewok, Wicket (can you name another one? I can’t). Unfortunately this soap is not made out of Ewoks, as Ewoks are known to be exceptional surfactants, but it is in the shape of Wicket. This 4 oz bath bar is a collectors item and probably shouldn’t be used in the bath or shower unless you want to get into a Brewster’s Millions type situation.

Star Wars Wicket Ewok Soap