Hide and Seek Monkeys

hide and seek plush monkey inplay Hide and Seek Monkeys
Everybody loves monkeys, especially kids. Hide and Seek Monkeys are more than just toy monkeys that sit on a shelf; they each come with a finding device that electronically tells kids when they’re getting closer to the hidden monkey. The plush monkey, above, is designed for younger kids ages 2-5. When kids get close to the hidden monkey and then press the button on the stick-like transmitter, the monkey makes a monkey-like sound. Kids keep pressing the button until they find the monkey by sound.
hide and seek electronic monkey Hide and Seek Monkeys
The other type of Hide and Seek Monkey, shown above, uses a light-up transmitting wand that looks like a tree branch. As kids get closer to the hidden monkey the transmitter lights up more and more. This one is recommended for ages 5 and up. Both monkeys come with batteries included and cost $34.95 each.

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