Numeric Keypad with a Spacebar

If you type in numbers into your computer all day long than surely you can appreciate having a separate numeric keypad. Having a separate number pad allows you to position it on your desk for optimal comfort while you go about your data entry heavy job. Most keypads have a few extra keys on there besides just the 10 numbers- typically there will be an enter key and a few calculating keys as well. It’s unusual to see a keypad like this one with a handy spacebar tacked on to the bottom. If you need to enter sequences of numbers separated by a space, this could be exceptionally useful for your job (or for fun, if you enter numbers in all day long for fun like me). Like everything else these days, it’s powered by USB and costs a smidgen under $10.

19 Key USB Numeric Keypad

3 thoughts on “Numeric Keypad with a Spacebar

  1. From someone who does enter a lot of numbers all day; the photo showing a left hand pushing 1 button really undersells what should really be going on.
    The thumb rests on the space button and the middle 3 fingers let loose on the numbers. So many good gadgets understate their value with poor photos. whats up with that?

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