Adesso WKB-3100 Compact Wireless Keyboard Review

We’ve had a few days to spend testing out the Adesso WKB-3100 keyboard here at the CraziestGadgets world product review testing center and laboratory (aka my living room). For those out there in Twitterland and short attention spanville here’s the 6 word recap: “good portable keyboard with trackball. buy.”

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the box to the keyboard is going to be the size and weight. It’s not particularly heavy, which is a good trait for a portable keyboard. The 87 key keyboard is powered by a pair of included (!!) AA batteries. Adesso says the batteries will last for 3 months of regular use before the low battery indicator lights up.

Hooking it up to a Windows computer could not have been simpler- just plug in the tiny USB receiver into the computer and within a few seconds it was recognized and working. The wireless receiver cleverly stores underneath the keyboard via magnet for transit. The 2.4GHz RF wireless connection claims 30 feet and 360 degrees of connectivity- while I could not actually test it for 30 feet because I live in a 10 foot square basement hovel, it worked within eye sight distance of the computer which is really all you need, right?

Size is probably more important than weight (that’s what she said). The keyboard is almost the exact same size as my laptop keyboard, a little under 12 inches, which means it’s comfortable to type on as far as key spacing is concerned. A pair of folding legs underneath allows it to be propped up at an ergonomic angle. The keys are a bit “springy” with a pleasing clicking sound when depressed.

The keyboard layout is sufficient, although the right hand shift key is a bit small due to the placement of the arrow keys (the left hand one is fine). The dedicated home/end/page up/page down on the far right side is a useful touch. The keyboard does feature a number lock allowing you to use some of the keys as a makeshift keypad for data entry. Unfortunately this number lock key does not have a light meaning if you accidentally press it and you’re not looking at the screen, you will end up with a bunch of numbers instead of words. Minor point, I suppose.

One of the most convenient features of the Adesso WKB-3100 is the trackball. It’s located on the top right of the keyboard and the two mouse buttons are on the top left. It’s a great feature because if you’re using the keyboard on your lap, you can use the mouse too without having to reach back to your desk. I found the location of the trackball and buttons to be slightly awkward, so I wouldn’t use it for heavy surfing on the web, but if you’re doing mostly typing with the occasional mouse movement, it’s perfect.

Overall this is a really great little wireless keyboard. It packs a lot of functions into a small light body. It’s for the most part well designed. The trackball on top is exceptionally handy for light mouse usage. The keyboard is ideal for living rooms, traveling, conference rooms, kiosks, or other spots where space is limited.

You can buy the Adesso WKB-3100 directly from Adesso or from Amazon

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