Samsung Alias 2 Cellphone with an E-Ink Keypad

Samsung has come up with an innovative solution to allow your cellphone’s keypad to have dual functions. The Alias 2 model is a dual-hinge folding phone. When it’s opened horizontally landscape style for surfing the web and text messaging, the keypad displays a qwerty style keyboard. But when it’s opened up like a traditional flip phone portrait style for talking, the dynamic e-ink keypad changes to reveal numbers for dialing instead:
It looks like a solid alternative to a touchscreen phone for those who prefer the feel of physical buttons on their phone instead of the touchscreen. The Alias 2 will be available on the Verizon network and comes with a 2 MP camera, bluetooth, a microSD card slot.

via akihabara news

2 thoughts on “Samsung Alias 2 Cellphone with an E-Ink Keypad

  1. This phone is really cool and the only phone I know of that has a digital keypad that changes. My friend has one and I know people that really want it. I guess its pretty good, but I love my en v 3 (slate blue) its AWESOME!

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