Real Working Computer Keyboard Made of Legos

lego keyboard
Keyboards are boring, with their single color scheme and boring letters and numbers. So boring. So JK Brickworks decided to make a keyboard that’s actually exciting- by making it out of Legos. Can you feel the excitement? Try to contain yourself, friend.
lego keyboard right
He used a grid of Technic connectors and axles to get the keys to line up just right. As you can see above, not every symbol on a standard keyboard is exactly produced in a Lego brick so he had to improvise a little bit. Close enough. You got all the letters and numbers, that’s the main part.
lego keyboard left
Obviously the base is not Lego but it’s the circuitry from a regular keyboard. So it’s not entirely Lego, but all the keys certainly are. Here’s the front view. Awesome. Everything is awesome.
lego keyboard front
Ok Emmet, you probably want to see this keyboard in action and see what’s under the Lego keys, right? Then check out this video right here where it’s demonstrated:

See, it works. Awesome.